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  JEG Designers, Inc. can provide the following architectural services to our clients, This list is not inclusive of all our services but is given here as an example for client review.

PRE-DESIGN SERVICES: These are Services the client may want the architect to perform to assist in getting the project to the design phase. Investigate existing site or building conditions for clients to determine the “Feasibility” of a project.

  • Provide insight to clients in developing a “Scope of Work” through pre-design meetings
  • Site investigate and or “Measure existing conditions” to generate “Measured Drawings” to establish point of reference
  • Generate pre-construction “Estimates of Probable Cost” of construction.
  • Estimate probable “Timelines” for Construction

PRELIMINARY DESIGN: Initial stage of design where the client and architect discuss ideas and transform the ideas to paper to develop plans and elevations.

  • Provide “Initial Design” for Projects
  • Provide “Preliminary Drawings” for client review
  • Initiate “Survey work”
  • Provide “Consultant Coordination”

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS: Process in which client approved Preliminary drawings are revised and transformed into detailed construction drawings and specifications for permitting.

  • Design project with “client’s intention”
  • Generate “Permitting” and “Construction Drawings”
  • “Coordinate” project drawings for client
  • Provide “Specification” to client
  • Provide “Plotting and Printing” services to client
  • Provide “Delivery” of drawings to client
  • Revise “drawings and respond to "Plan Reviewer's" comments.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION:  These are services that take place during  the construction of the project.

  • Architect site visits for client representation
  • Observation of construction process

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